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Dogwood Tree

Dogwood Tree
Flowering Dogwood
Cornus florida

This Eastern Flowering Dogwood, a member of the Dogwood Family (Cornaceae) is native to the Eastern part of the United States. It is one of about 45 different species of dogwood that range in size from the Dwarf Dogwood (bunchberry) which is about 9 inches in height, to the Pacific Dogwood which grows to nearly 75 Feet in height.

The Flowering dogwood is a beautiful sight in the spring, when this picture was taken. The white petal like structure are not really petals, but bracets or modified leaves. The flowers are actually the tiny yellow cluster in the center.

In the fall the tree bears bright red berry-like clusters, and the leaves turn a bright red. Because of the colors and the flowers, it is often used in landscaping.

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