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Garden of Friendship Member
I am now a very proud member of The Garden Of Friendship. I am overwhelmed with the warm and wonderful welcome I received when I joined, and I wanted to share some of those lovely gifts with you.

Garden of Friendship MemberGarden of Friendship Member

Garden of Friendship Perfection Award

This award was presented to me by CL Joanie on December 6, 2003, from the Site Mentor's Committee. Thank you so much Joanie.

On March 27, 2004 I was named Site of the Week. I am so Honored to have been chosen to receive this award. Thank you so much to everyone.

Friendship Globe

globe Logo
This adorable globe was a gift from my special friend, Dixi Rose

Dedication Appreciation
I received this lovely gift from the Membership Pride Committee on May 10, 2003. Thank you so much!!


I joined a wonderful group called Tubes & Tutorials - I am certainly learning a lot!!

Tubes and Tutorials

I am also a member of the Ring Watchers Committee

Ring Watcher Committee

And I just love going to all those wonderful guestbook Parties!!

Blossom Committee

My quilt square on the Garden of Friendship Global Quilt

Global Quilt Square

I went trick or treating this year
Check out all of my treats
Trick or Treat 2002

I have joined in some of the games and contests.


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Gift from Deelight
Gift from Deelight

Gift from Garden Keepers
Gift from Garden Keepers

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Garden of Friendship Globe Adoption

Garden of Friendship Globe Adoption

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