Kidney-Leaf Buttercup
Kidney-Leaf ButtercupKidney-Leaf Buttercup

Kidney-Leaf Buttercup
Ranunculus abortivus
The Kidney-Leaf Buttercup or Small-Flowered Buttercup is a member of the Buttercup Family (Ranunculaceae) and is found in shady, moist areas. The above example was found on a small island in a drying streambed in a forest.

This buttercup is a many branched plant with kidney shaped leaves at the base of the main stem. Stem leaves have no stalks and are divided into 3-5 long narrow lobes swirled aroung the main stem. The flowers are about 1/4 inch across, the petals are very short, so short you might not even consider it a flower, much less a buttercup, at first glance. But under a magnifying glass, it is truly a pretty flower.

The flower blooms from April to August throught North America.
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