A Collection of Flowers

I love flowers, but I am usually more adept at killing them than at growing them. There are some that grow in spite of me, not because of me. I also truly enjoy the wild flowers that abound in the forests and fields around my home.

Amethyst Shooting Star Azalea Black-Eyed Susan Blood Root
Bluebead Lily Bluets Bull Thistle California Poppy
Columbine Common Blue Violet Common Fleabane Common Milkweed
Corn Poppy Chicory Dandelion Day Lily
Downey Yellow Violet Dutchman's Breeches Fire Pink Ground Ivy
Heal-All Henbit Herb Robert Indian Blanket
Iris Jack-In-the-Pulpit Kidney-leafed Buttercup Large-Flowered Trillium
May Apple Nodding Trillium Oxeye Daisy Prairie Cone Flower
Prairie Trillium Purple Coneflower Purple Prairie Clover Queen Anne's Lace
Red Baneberry Scarlet Pimpernel Spring Beauty Swamp Buttercup
Sweet Cicely Sweet White Violet Tall Bellflower Trout Lily
Tulip Virginia Bluebell Virginia Waterleaf White Milkweed
Wild Geranium Wild Ginger Wild Oats Yellow Trillium