(Prunella vulgaris)

Heal-all, or Selfheal, a member of the Mint Family (Lamiaceae), grows in fields and roadsides and blooms from May to September.

It is a low growing plant, about 6 - 12 inches tall, that can also tangel and sprawl across the ground. It has a square, hairy stem with ovate leaves about 1-3 inches long. The leaves grow opposite each other on the stem.

The flowers grow from a dense cylindrical pike that elongates after flowering. The flowers themselves are about 1/2 inch long, purple in color and 2 lipped. The upper lip arches over a drooping lower lip that is lightly fringed. The lower lip is usually a slightly lighter color than the upper lip.
Found throughout Eastern North America, the common name comes from it's use as an herbal remedy for throat ailments.

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