Common Dandelion
(Taraxacum officinale)

Dandelions are probably the only "flower" that I can grow, and the one I least want to grow. I have tried every type of weed killer known to man, but they seem to think it is fertilizer and thrive on it. Maybe I should try fertilizer on them, they might consider that a weed killer!!

Dandelions are members of the Sunflower Family, (Asteraceae). They grow in one form or another all over the country in every type of climate. There are Desert Dandelions that grow in the American Southwest, there are Mountain Dandelions that grow in open meadows in the mountains, there are Prairie Dandelions that grow on the Prairie from the Gulf Coast north to New Jersey and west to Kansas.

The Dandelion shown above is a common Dandelion and is most often found in lawns and fields through out Southern Canada and the United States. It's common name refers to the likness of the teeth on the leaves to the teeth of a lion.

Although most of us consider the plant a pesky weed, the young leaves can be eaten, and the flowers are also edible and can be used in making wine and tea.

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