Fairy KristianaKristiana's adoption Certificate
Fairy Kristiana was adopted for me by Fairy MagicStarr
I'm sorry to say this site is no longer online.

I not longer compete at the SiteFights, but My memories of my time with the Cherubs are very dear to me. With that said, enjoy my experiences as a Cherub Champion.

I'm a Cherub Champion in The Site Fights!!!!!!!!!

Spirit Stick
My very first Spirit Stick

Received this award from DChaos today, April 5, 2000 for a Cheer I posted in the Shout Out!!

Your Spirit is Flaming HOT!!

Sing a song of friendship
A pocket full of cheer
Four and Twenty Cherubs
Yell for all to hear.
They scream and shout and Dance about
Their voices loud and strong
They sing a song of Cherub love
That lasts the whole day long.

I received the "I've got the Cherub Spirit" Award from Lady Glimmer for March, 2000. Isn't it Beautiful!! Thank you so much Lady Glimmer..

I've Got the cherub Spirit

I was Notified on April 2, 2000, That I received the "I've got the cherub Spirit" Award For April, 2000!!!!!! I'm so excited to be honored with the award!! It is so very Special!!

Cherub Most Spirited Fighter of the Week Award

Most Spirited Fighter

I was honored with the Cherub Most Spirited Fighter of the Week Award on March 18, 2000!!

Cherub Cheer Award

I was award the Cherub Team Shout Award on March 20, 2000!! Thank You so Much!

Don't Blind Vote

Gift from Fairy MagicStarr
This very special gift was given to me by my wonderful daughter,
Fairy MagicStarr

My Spirit Stick
Here are my Spirit Stick and Bag of dust.

Cherub Wings
I Won my Gold Wings and moved up to the Gates - December 12, 1999!!!!!!!!!!

Cherub Adoption
Adoption Certificate
I adopted Angela at the Cherub Adoption Center

Cherub AwardsCherub Gifts
Cherub CheersDiary of a Cherub Fighter

Cherub Wee Angel ProgramCherub Wee Angel Program

I participate in the Cherubs Wee Angel Program.


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