Fairy KristianaKristiana's adoption Certificate
Fairy Kristiana was adopted for me by Fairy MagicStarr

November 15, 1999
I received my acceptance from the admission office at the Site Fights today. I got a graphic to put on my site:

This Site is in Training for
The Site Fights
Please be sure to BookMark us and vote
when we enter the Ring.

to show that I'm getting ready to fight. Have to set up my email lists .

December 4, 1999
I received my welcome letter to the Cherub Champions from Lady Lisa Angel today. She has offered her help in any way. I think I'm going to enjoy this!! Should start working on my Cherub Spirit page.

December 5, 1999
Today I received a letter from Top Dog with all the information I need for my fight. I start competing Tomorrow morning YEEKS!!!!!!

December 10, 1999
Top Dog loved my cheer today!! What a suprise. I received his award for the loudest cheer of the day.

Cherub Loudest Cheer of the Day

December 11, 1999
I met Lady Lisa Angel's Challenge to "Smile" in my cheers, I received this award from her.

Cherub Smiles

December 12, 1999
I qualified every day this week. I guess I'll be moving on to the Gates.

Received this gift for making it through the clouds.

I Flew Through the Clouds

I received this Cherub Spirit Award from Lady Sandra Angel for my Spirit page!! WOW What a Suprise!!

Cherub Spirit Award

Lady Lisa Angel Set me my Angel Wings!!

My Official Angel Wings

December 18, 1999
WOW!! Another award!! This is really wild! I'm so excited I can barely contain myself!! My Spirit Page won Best Spirit Page of the week for the Cherub Champions!! WHOOOHOO!!

Best Spirit Page of the Week

December 19, 1999
I finished the week with perfect 10's. It's unbelievable!! I know it can't be this easy.

Received this gift for making it through the gates.

Heaven's Gate Winner

Anyway, The Site Fights is now on vacation for Christmas until January 10, 2000. That is if there is anyone still around after the new year dawns. Happy New Millenium to everyone!

January 10, 2000
I'm starting out the new Millenium on the Left Wing on the Cherubs. I do hope I do well.
January 16, 2000
It was a quiet week really, got 10's all the way through and am moving into the Circle. Received this gift for completing the Wing.

Angel's Wing Winner

January 18, 2000
I don't think this week is going to be nearly so easy. I got my first 9 since I started this competition. It is a little frustrating, but then I guess they just have more supporters than I do. I'm going to have to work on getting more.

January 23, 2000
I at least earned a rematch in the Circle. I had perfect 9's all the way through. LOL!! Oh Well next week is another week!!

January 29, 2000
I have dropped out of fighting. Something has happened, and my support has evaporated for some reason. Started out the week with three 9's, then Thursday it was a 7, then Friday it was a 6. Don't have the heart to look today. Just emailed Top Dog. Besides the computer has to go into the shop on Monday.

January 31, 2000
Finally broke over today and got on Shining Knight's Computer. Checked some email, and there were dozens of emails from people I know, and some I don't know. Aparently there had been something going on that I did not know about that effected my support last week. But I am amazed and very tearful over the number of gifts, and words of encouragement that have come in.

February 2, 2000
Fairy MagicStarr has been trying to get ahold of me for several days, but I really didn't want to talk to anyone. Finally she has forced the issue and sent me a URL for as it turned out, a page that Lady Sha'Lea had made. When I went there, I sat and cried for hours over what was there. So much love and support was poured into that page and the guestbook. I have to return to the Fights. If for no other reason than this lovely lady and the love she offered to me.

Lady Sha'Lea

February 3, 2000
I got my computer back today, will email Top Dog about returning to the fights on Monday.

February 6, 2000
I thought I would start all over again in the Clouds, but here I am at the gates. That is wonderful!!

February 12, 2000
A week of perfect 10's I do believe my support is back and if anything it is stronger!! WOW!!

I got an email from Top Kat today. I won the Cherub Shout of the week award!!!! WAHOOOO!! That is exciting.

Cheer of the Week Award

This is the shout that won:

C is for Champions
Without a doubt
H is for Harmony
What we're All About
E is for Energy
To Carry the day
R is for Resourceful
We will find a way
U is for Unity
We Are One for All
B is for Best Team
And we win that call
For Cherubs are Champions
That is so right
So cheer on with spirit
And friendship so bright!

February 14, 2000
Well I'm back on a Wing and I hope I do well this week.

February 19, 2000
Another week of 10's I know this won't last, but it really is nice while it does.!!
February 22, 2000
I got my very first 10 in the Circle!! WOW!

February 23, 2000
Got a 9 for Tuesday, Oh Well, there is the rest of the week. I'm not sure I'm ready for the WarZone yet anyway, if anyone is ready for the WarZone!!

Tricia, from Sapphire's Garden Set me this Love Pot!!

Tricia(Saphire's Garden) has dedicated this
"Love Pot" to me!

Send someone a Love Pot
©Dorthé Bergh

Isn't it Beautiful!! I'm sorry to say that the lovepots are no longer available.

February 24, 2000
WOW!! Was I suprised when I opened my email on February 24, 2000, to find that I had been awarded the Spirit Award by DSpirit and DStarCatcher. I am very honored to have received this award!! Thank you so very much.

Spirit Stick

Spirit Award

February 25, 2000
Got another 9 today, I'm down by 2 points. This is such a wild week, trying to scramble for more supporters, keep up with the voting and trying to get some work done. WOW I'm Getting tired.

February 26, 2000
I got another 10 yesterday. I'm only down by 1 point now. A 10 for today could tie us and we'd need a run off on Sunday. Oh My Gosh this is nerve wracking!!!

February 27, 2000
Sapphire's Garden got her 10. Oh Well, I do wish her luck in the Warzone. I now have a lot more supporters than I did at the beginning of the week, and maybe I'll be able to beat the Circle next week. There is always a next week!!

February 29, 2000
I got a 10 for Monday. At least we are off to a great start.

March 1, 2000
I got a another 10 for Tuesday. My first double in the Circle!!! I do really have some of the very best supporters in the world!!!

March 2, 2000
I am turning handsprings this morning!! Overslept badly and came to check the scores. And there was another beautiful 10!!! That's 3 in a row!! I'm so excited.

I've asked Lady Lisa Angel to give me some pointers to get through the WarZone and The DOME, and It is going to be a lot of work!! So I figured I'd better get started. I visited over 2 dozen sites today. Signed guestbooks. Sent out a dozen Vote Exchange Requests for the sites I liked. I also joined the Fighters against Blind Voting Web ring, and made a page for it that includes links to 4 vote exchange boards so far.

March 3, 2000
Scores were not posted yet this morning!! I'm biting my nails to the nubs waiting!!

March 4, 2000
Oh My Gosh!!!! 10's for both Thursday and Friday!! Oh My Gosh!! I Can't believe it.

March 5, 2000
I had a perfect score this week. Oh I'm so excited, I'm turning Hand Springs - Well maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration, but I feel like it!! I received these two Gifts for making it to the Warzone:

Circle Champion
Fighting Fairies in the Warzone
March 6, 2000
I'm a nervous Wreck Waiting for the voting to start, waiting for the week to be over. If I don't settle down soon I'll have a Migraine and this is supposed to be for fun!!

March 7, 2000
I made it through yesterday!! And I got a 10!!!!!!!!! Of course Scottish Rose got a 10 also so we are tied for first place!! What a trip

Deseroka Sent this Card today

Thank You! MaidenFaire,

For being such a loyal voter and good friend!

Have A Glorious Day!,

Scottish Rose Sent this Card

has sent you this special postcard
Thank You For Always Being Such A Good Friend
Thank you! It's the friends like you that make the Fights fun! Have a wonderful day!

March 10, 2000
I made a page of gifts for my supporters. It's at WarZone Gifts

March 12, 2000
I can't believe it, I actually WON THE WARZONE on my first trip through!!! Here is a gift I received from the Cherubs for winning.

Warzone win

I start in the Dome Tomorrow. Need to go out there and find some more supporters!!

March 13, 2000
Today is my first day in the Dome!! I'm so nervous I'm all Thumbs. Had so many supports drop out last week, but have been working to find new ones.

I was really suprised when I received the "I got the Cherub Spirit" Award from Lady Glimmer for March, 2000. Isn't it Beautiful!! Thank you so much Lady Glimmer.

I've Got the cherub Spirit

And I received Lady Glimmer's Spirit Page Award. Isn't it Beautiful!!

Lady Glimmer's spirit page Award

March 14, 2000
I got a 10 today, Tied for first place!! I have a page of gifts for my supporters this week. Dome Gifts

March 15, 2000
Didn't do so good yesterday, only got an 8, Oh well all that means is She has more supporters, or got more yesterday!! I'm still in second place and That is wonderful for my first time in the Dome!

March 16, 2000
Got a 9 for Yesterday!! Much better!! It keeps me in second Place!!
March 17, 2000
I got a 10 for yesterday!! WOW That was an improvement and keeps me alone in second place!!

Gift From D'Fairy Star

I received this beautiful gift for DFairy Star this morning!

March 18, 2000
Slipped to a 9 for yesterday! It is amazing to me how you can send out 15 Vote Exchange requests and get absolutly no response at all!! Oh well, I'll just have to look for others today.
March 19, 2000
I'll be going back to the Gates for Tomorrow, but that should make it a quieter week. I'm tired and need a little rest LOL!!

I was suprised, pleased honored what ever you want to say to receive the Cherub's Most Spirited Fighter Award this morning!!

Cherub Most Spirited Fighter of the Week Award

Most Spirited Fighter

April 4, 2000
I was so very ill for two weeks and more that I could barely keep up with my voting, but thanks to my wonderful supporters, I passed the Gates and the Wings, and I'm back in the Circle this week. I'm feeling much more the thing now and am going out and cheering again and looking for new supporters. I was so sorry to hear that Shirley from Shirley's Corner is in the Hospital, I sure hope she is feeling better soon and comes back very quickly. It just won't be quite the same without her.

I was really suprised when I received the "I got the Cherub Spirit" Award from Lady Glimmer for April, 2000. What an honor!!!! Thank you so much Lady Glimmer.

I've Got the cherub Spirit

April 5, 2000
I'm doing very well this week, and I'm finding I enjoy this more and more, it is almost addictive. I've posted 24 cheers in the last two days. It is a blast seeing them come up and writing the new ones. I'm trying for two or three new ones a day!!.

I opened my email this evening and what a suprise!! I received this award from DChaos for one of the cheers I posted today!!

Your Spirit is Flaming HOT!!

Sing a song of friendship
A pocket full of cheer
Four and Twenty Cherubs
Yell for all to hear.
They scream and shout and Dance about
Their voices loud and strong
They sing a song of Cherub love
That lasts the whole day long.