Fairy KristianaKristiana's adoption Certificate
Fairy Kristiana was adopted for me by Fairy MagicStarr

Here are a few of the cheers I use in Shout out!

Cheering for the Cherubs
Has become a way of life
Lifting others Spirits
And Dusting off the Strife
Our wands are at the ready
To cast cheers across the page
So Shout out all the Cherubs
We'll take the center Stage

Wings a flutter
Halos aglow
Come on cherubs
Go Go Go
Wands at the ready
Spirit on high
Cherubs are coming
Reaching the sky

When the Cherubs
Come Flying in!
Oh When the Cherubs
Come Flying In
How I want to be
With those Champions!!
When the Cherubs
come Flying in!

The time has come the Cherub said
To speak of many things
Of Love and Friends and Faithfulness
Of Laughter when it rings
Of Fairy dust and Spirit Cheer
And Cherubs in a row
All standing up and shouting out
For all the world to know!!


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