Lady Bird Beetle or Lady Bug

Nine Spotted lady Bug
Nine Spotted Lady Bug

The Lady Bug has always been one of my favorite of the little creatures. Next to the Butterflies that is. I had one spend the winter in my home one year. I would see it every once in a while just crawling over the piano, or slipping up the drape. It was almost like having a good luck charm!!

Lady Bugs got their name during the Middle Ages when the little beetle was dedicated to the Virgin, hence the name Lady Beetle or Lady Bug.

Both the larve and adults feed on aphids, and certain other garden pests, making them one of the best insects to have around your plants. They do not eat the plants themselves, but sort of act as a protector.

There are about 350 known species of Lady Bugs in the United States. The differences being in size, color and the number of spots. They do not migrate during the cold months, but gather in large groups and hibernate under logs and rocks.

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