Bird Watching

I love to watch the birds around the birdfeeders in my yard each morning as they jockey for position at the seed I've placed there. Their bright colors and cheerful songs help to begin my day with cheer. I discovered that I enjoy birds when I'm away from home too, so while I have not become an avid bird enthusiast, I do keep my eyes open for new and interesting birds along my paths each day.

buttonHouse Finch buttonMourning Dove
buttonRed-Tailed Hawk buttonIndigo Bunting
buttonRobin buttonCardinal
buttonGoldfinch buttonMallard
buttonRed-Winged Blackbird buttonBlack-headed Grosbeak
buttonRose-Breasted Grosbeak buttonSwainson's Thrusher
buttonBrown-headed Cowbird buttonRusty Blackbird
buttonTufted Titmouse buttonEuropean Starling
buttonHouse Sparrow buttonBlue Jay
buttonDowney WoodPecker buttonBlack-Capped Chickadee
buttonCanada Goose buttonAmerican Bald Eagle
buttonBrown Thrusher


All Photography and Graphics by:
Maiden Fair's Castle Graphics