Brown Thrusher

Brown Thrasher
Brown Thrasher
Toxostoma rufum

The Brown Thrasher was a relatively common bird, but in recent years they have become scarce in their normal range. The cause of the decline is unknown. They normally live in the United States, east of the Rockey Mountains, building nests in a dense thicket or, preferably, a thorney bush. The pictured Brown Thrasher built its nest in a tangle of Forsythia bushes in my neighbor's backyard. They have returned to the same nesting spot for several years now.

Brown Thrasher is often confused with the Wood Thrush, but is actually related to the Northern Mocking Bird. He is a much larger bird, upwards of 12 inches.

He sports a beautiful red-brown coat, and the breast is a cream color with dark brown streaks, and a long and graceful tail. His song is a variety of musical phrases, repeated twice. He is very secretive and was very hard to catch with the camera. One minute he would be there and by the time you were focused, he was gone.

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