Music is Raindrop Prelude
by Chopin

Cottontail Rabbit

Eastern Cottontail
Lagomorpha Sylvilagus floridanus

The Cottontail is a member of the same family as the Hare. They do not dig their own burrows, but use surface resting places or the burrows of other animals. They tend to be rather solitary. This little guy has lived alone in my back yard for several seasons now and seems quite content there. My neighbor is horrified that I have a rabbit living in my yard, but so far all he's eaten is grass and he is welcome to it. One less blade that I have to mow.

A female rabbit may have up to 5 litters of young a year with 1-8 babies per litter. Since I've had no babies bunnies in my yard I must conclude that this is Peter and not Patricia!.

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